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Silent Gliss have released a new range of Metropole decorative curtain poles, the new system has been designed to be simple but stylish, with a minimalist look throughout the new range.

The Silent Gliss Metropole system is a disguised track that does not require traditional curtain rings, with the curtains hanging directly on nylon gliders contained in a channel inside the pole.  The in genius system allows for the brackets to attach to the top of the pole allowing the curtain to smoothly move throughout the length of the pole.
The additional advantage of the metropole system over traditional wood poles is that these can be bent to fit any curved application and can be made to measure. 
The system can come in hand, cord or electric operation, designed to be discreet with the motor hidden discreetly behind the curtain.  This also has the added functionality of being available to use with the new SG “Move” app as well as various remote control options.

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