Image Description

The work of South Korean artist Haegue Yang explores the versatility of venetian blinds in creating spaces which speak, she often uses standard household objects in her works, and tries to liberate them from their functional context adn apply other connotations and meaning to them.

Haegue Yang is regarded as one of the leading international artists of her generation. From mundane objects and materials such as venetian blinds, theatrical and decorative lights, infrared heaters, scent emitters, and fans, Yang creates complex and nuanced installations that are informed by poetry, politics, and human emotions. Her works explore hidden spaces that might be considered marginal, but to the artist constitute profound backdrops for understanding vulnerable sites where informal development can occur.

In her works, artificial approximations of sensual experiences — heat, light, smell, and humidity—conjure other places, other people. Yang’s work captivates precisely because of its ambiguity, which is rooted as much in the conceptual art of the 1960s and 1970s as it is in current theoretical discourses.