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Roller Blind - EOS 500 Series

This contract roller blind system spans even the largest window expanses beautifully. These well-designed large blinds make a dramatic statement, defining fenestrations and controlling heat, light and views. It delivers superior solar and light control with uncompromising quality and durability.

The sleek architectural design is combined with highly durable hardware and operating systems which deliver smooth and reliable operation and unrivalled inner strength. This system can be specified from an extensive collection of high performance, dimensionally stable fi re retardant fabrics which will not sag or stretch.

All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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Product Detail

Designer Aluminium bracketing system provides unique architectural possibilities on a strong mounting platform.

Durable roller tubes are engineered to span large expanses.

Strong metal chain with high breaking strength provides worry-free and smooth operation of the blinds.

Easy coupling of blinds allows for simultaneous operation of more than one blind.

Screen fabrics available in different openness factors and colours.

Comprehensive line of high performance fabrics to meet any specification, including PVC-free GreenScreen ®, Enduris™ glass core technology and metallised Platinum coated fabrics.

Cassette systems protect the fabric against dust, dirt and harmful UV-rays and are easy to install on hidden mounting clips. The extruded cassette with a closed bottom, still allows for complete maintenance access, and can be finished in natural anodised aluminium, or in powder coated black or white finish.

All visual system components are finished in anodised aluminium or powder-coated and allow for the specification of a superior quantity modern finish which will compliment any interior space.

The side brackets of the cassette system are manufactured in solid die cast zamac and are finished as standard in powder-coated White, Silver Grey or Black, or alternatively they can be zinc plated.

The mounting profile systems are simply clicked on hidden mounting clips, allowing faster installation and enabling installation on a weaker support structures such as plaster board. The heavy duty stainless steel spring action mounting clips allow for more flexible positioning and ensuring correct alignment.

The built-in self-levelling further streamlines installation and adjustment, this system incorporates an in-bracket integrated levelling function to limit skewing and is available with options for either an add on-leveller or no leveller.

The universal spring-loaded end plug mounts the blinds securely and provides for smooth and simple installation and maintenance. The self-lubricating spring loaded plastic bearing provides for easy installation and quick removal, is supplied as standard with heavy-duty nut and patented manually adjustable locking ring.

The operation of the blind is provided by a heavy-duty patented self-lubricating universal ball chain operated clutch. The universal clutch allows for specification of left and right hand operation.

The product can be specified with Gearing 3:1 with auto spindle stop or 1:1 with Counter Balance system. The utilization of counter balance weight system provides for ease of manual lifting of roller blinds over large expanses.

The product can be specified with metal or plastic clutch for chain operation of blinds which provides easy and effortless lift capabilities. As standard the blind is supplied with high tensile steel ball chain or alternatively UV stable POM-polyester operation chain powder-coated in White, Grey or Black.

This system is available with options for cable side-guiding which is recommended when the ratio of width: drop is greater than 1:3; the benefit of cable side-guiding on large drops is that it controls and stops movement of the blinds.

The cable is a high tensile UV stabilised Perlon coated 2.4mm diameter steel wire incorporating a maintenance free spring loaded cable tensioner for permanent tension.

Alternatively the blind can be specified with option for side channel guiding which sandwich the edges of the fabric within a channel to ensure maximum light-tightness. The channels are manufactured in extruded aluminium profiles with options for either an open channel or black-out channel with brushes. The finish colour is natural anodized aluminium or can be powder-coated White or Black.

Coupling is available to connect multiple blinds for simultaneous operation, these straight coupling with a patented fully manually adjustable aligner enables for easy manual bottom rail alignment of coupled blinds.

The systems are designed in a modular way and the advantage of this method is that at end of life it can easily be disassembled into separate components, making recycling of the basic materials easy.

It is designed with back rolling as standard for the best heat and light reflection.

System brackets: Solid Die Cast Zamac side brackets as standard powder-coated available in the following colours:

White HD 0199 [~RAL 9016]

Silver Grey HD 7052 [~RAL 9006]

Black HD 1858 [~RAL 9005]

Or Alternatively Zinc Plated HD 0003

System Profile: Extruded Aluminium, alloy 6060-T66-EN755, Cassette with semi-circular front fascia profile in:

Natural Anodised Aluminium HD 7052 or Powder-coated in following colour options:

White HD 0199 [~RAL 9016]

Black HD 1858 [~RAL 9005]

Internal Roller tube: Extruded Aluminium tube, alloy 6060-T66-EN755,

Bottom Rail: Extruded Aluminium, alloy 6060-T66-EN755, Natural Anodised, White or Black as before


See Fabric Options for Glare Control PDF

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