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Panel Glide system

A unique dimension to window treatments - perfect for the popular extensive glazed areas of modern architecture. Choose between flat and folding panels, straight or curved tracks (Panel Glide, Panel Fold, Panel Flex).
Panels are easy to remove for cleaning, the systems look as attractive from the back as from the front, they can be used also as visual room dividers.  The Silent Gliss range comes in panel glide or panel systems.
The Panel glide range comes in the 2700, 2730 flex and 2760, whereas the Panel fold systems come in the 2600, 2640 and 2650 range.

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Decorative Panel Glide System for residential and contract applications

A unique system of two or more sliding panels for use as a window treatment, wall dressing or as a room divider
Quiet and smooth operation

Innovative Panel Glide System that can be curved

The 2600 system has a unique sliding panel system that allows folding of panels, this can create a stunning 3-D shape effect.

Depending on the total system width, panels can be selected in three different size ranges

The 2650 panel fold system is equipped with a 24V DC motor 9090 or 9091 motor, with integrated reciever.

This can be combined with a Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940/0450 system

This sytem can carry upto 8 panels

Panels can be easily removed for cleaning or to change decor

A truly unique system of two or more sliding panels for use as a window or wall dressing, or room divider

Innovative suspended Panel Glide system that can be curved

System adjusts to almost every possible room situation due to bendable tracks and flexible carriers
Ideal for rooms with uneven ceilings or where ventilation is needed

In the panel systems the folding and infolding as well as open in close can be performed in one act.

One system can carry up to 8 panels

Easy removal of fabrics for cleaning thanks to easy clink-in hangers and velcro tape

Single, centre, pair stack or unconnected

Operating Methods: hand, cord or electric

Easy ceiling or wall fix to all surfaces

Can be hand operated with optional draw rods for unconnected panels

Can be hand operated by draw rods and cord operated with connected panels

In the panel systems a mono-control bead chain operation is available.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical stacking is possible 

Wide selection of Silent Gliss fabrics available for this system

Standard profile colours of white and silver are available 

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