Vertical Blinds

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an ideal solution to any window covering in any office, public building or private dwelling, coupling both functionality and a decorative appearance. 

They are a low maintenance option that can come in various widths, styles, colours and finishes, which can be manufactured to different degrees of durability, using various systems. 

Whether it is a fabric based blind that has a decorative edge to it or a PVC slat style blind, we have the expertise to produce a warm but durable product. 

Vertical blinds can provide a highly practical solution for sloping, irregularly shaped and large span windows. 

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The ranges of vertical blind systems we manufacture have been selected for their combined ability to withstand the rigorous demands of the contract market and provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance suitable for the home.

The standard systems consist of a straight head rail and with either a natural anodized material but can be powder coated to any RAL colour aluminium. 

They consist of a set of slat tracks, travellers and slats and vanes attached to allow for the 180⁰ tilt function, a clutch mechanism is incorporated to turn the slats and prevent damage to the mechanism. 

The track is fitted with a re-alignment mechanism to redirect wrongly tilted slats.  They come with a variety of different styles of operation that can be altered to the customer’s requirement.

Sloping vertical blinds can offer a practical solution to an uneven window or opening. 

The vertical blind consists of a straight head rail, mounted at the appropriate angle, with the slats at varying lengths, with an adjustable slope hook, with the overall effect that they are horizontal at the bottom. 

The control set slope will hang straight down and will be controlled the same as a standard vertical.  Not only is it possible to slope the vanes for a sloping or ached opening, it is possible to produce  stepped vanes, whereby the vanes are varying sizes along the head rail to fit into awkward opening. 

We have the technology to produce vertical blinds for arched & curved window openings. 

These are manufactured vertically or horizontally curved and come with the same effect that the slats are even at the bottom.

In addition to the vertical blinds we manufacture we can supply the full ranges from Luxaflex, Silent Gliss, Sunway and many more.

All vertical blinds come with a differing variety of operation and added design features depending on the environment that they are best suited.

All vertical blinds come with the benefits that they offer excellent heat, light and glare control providing the best in door environment. 

This is achieved through the 180⁰ tilt function, which allows for blocking direct sunlight out while still letting natural daylight in and affording a view out. 

They have been designed to offer some of the best mounting systems, which allows for the blind to be fitted in the window frame, in recess or on the wall.

All vertical blinds come with the advantage that they can be designed to fit in most window openings, each different operation has its own individual advantages.

Cord and chain can come in various colours and style of cord and chain to co-ordinate with any environment.  The system also has the peace of mind that it can be made child safe by the correct installation of a cord/chain tensioning pulley.

The Wand style operation is a ‘safe by design’ product, which can also provide additional styling to a vertical blind, providing a sleek alternative to the standard cord and chain operation.

The Crank style operation is a ‘safe by design’ product that can be permanently fixed to the blind or made detachable to prevent unauthorised use of the blind. 

The motorisation system is by design the automation of a blind and is inherently a ‘safe by design’ product.  It consists of the motor controls s housed (within/behind) the head rail, the motor is used to control the tilting, spreading and stacking of the slats.

The Cord and chain is the most common method of operation of the Vertical blind.  The cord controls the draw across the width of the windows whilst the chain operates the tilt function of the vanes. 

The wand is commonly used in a healthcare environment or where there is potential risk of self-harm.  The wand is attached to the leading vane and it controls both the draw and tilt functions.  The draw is accomplished by pulling the verticals to the required position and the tilt by turning the wand. 

The crank rod is attached to the gearbox and controls both the draw and tilt functions.  Similar in nature and design to the wand but offering a more stylist alternative that can be removed.  This can come in a variety of styles and finishes that can work and blend seamlessly into any given environment.

The motorised system is available with a wide variety of control methods and configurations, that can be hardwired, radio remote controlled or linked to a building management or AV system.  There are sensors available to raise or lower the blinds based on the time, temperature or light levels within a building.  These systems are simple to operate but provide the user with total control over light, heat and privacy.

There are different styles of opening and stacking with vertical blinds, the most common is the Bi-part, were they open from each end and come together in the middle. 

The one-way system allows for the vanes to stack and come from one direction of the blind and finish at the end of the head rail. 

One other alternative is centre vane stack, were the verticals stack at the centre of the blind and close to the end of the blind.

There are vast arrays of performance fabrics available to suit any environment, which comes in all colours and patterns and styles. 

We can help you select a fabric to suit your requirements, no matter the size and scale of the project. 

All our contract fabric ranges are flame retardant to the required BS or EN standards.

Opaque fabrics to block all direct sunlight where high levels of shading are required see also blackout blinds.

An anti-microbial fabric for areas where infection control and cross contamination is a concern or areas which experience high levels of humidity.  Available as blackout or dim-out, see also Healthcare.

Dim-out fabrics which will filter the sunlight and maintain privacy.

Patterned fabrics come in a huge range of colours and designs to suit any décor.

There are options regarding how the vanes are to be joined or hung at the bottom. 

They can come with no weights, standard slide in plastic weights or a welded metal weight. 

They can also come either joined by varying styles of chain or with no chain at all, so they have the appearance of free floating.

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