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The Vertika Impala Vertical Track System with BioCote is the result of many years of research and technical development that has produced a product suitable for contract and healthcare blind market.

It has been designed for maximum performance and minimum maintenance, allowing consistent operation even with the rigours and occasional abuse in a commercial healthcare installation.

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The Impala head rail is extruded in aluminium alloy 6063TF and conforms to BS 1474.  The contoured profile provides excellent rigidity and strength conforming to BS 1615 AA5.  It can accommodate windows up to 5 metres wide.  The 44mm width and 26mm height add further to the strength, making the head rail suitable for virtually every installation.

Like the head rail, the tilt rod is extruded in aluminium alloy 6063 TF to BS 1474.  It is designed as a drive shaft between the control end cap and the traveller gear.  It is trefoiled to engage securely in the splines of the traveller ensuring a smooth rotation through 216O.

Moulded in co-polymers, the traveller forms the basis of the Impala Vertical Track System.  It features a self-aligning ratchet system ensuring the vanes cannot easily be knocked out of line.

Offering carriers with 216o rotational ability gives maximum closure of the vanes ensuring effective control of solar glare and heat gain.

The system comes with a variety of fixing options: rigid top fix and face fix brackets are readily available.

Ease of operation makes it perfect for hospitals and schools.

The elimination of sensitive components makes the wand operated Impala system even more user friendly.

The Vertika BioCote product range should be used typically where high frequency traffic exists or areas where special requirements have to be catered for, i.e. Hospitals, food handling or where there is a potential for cross-contamination by harmful bacteria.

Our new, non-toxic, patent-protected additive, available only from Vertika, inhibits the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and fungi, effectively providing additional hygiene protection for hospital patients, staff and workforces in businesses, particularly in Healthcare, food and education.

The hook is moulded in Nylon 6 Distrupol.  It has been designed to accommodate both textile and rigid PVC vanes.  It has an aesthetically pleasing shape and also ensures the hanger is held secure, thus increasing the stability of the vanes.  The hook is centrally located within the track which means head rails can be butt-jointed without the need to specify “handling” for the controls.

The Impala planetary-geared end cap has been developed to overcome the limitations of the conventional end cap componentry and gives the smoothest rotation even on the largest blinds.

The gearing, which is moulded in silicon impregnated polyester, incorporates a 4:1 reduction ratio meaning smoother control and rotation.  The special silicone impregnation of the polymers gives smooth quiet operation to the gears.

Special multi-purpose extension brackets can be used for specific or awkward installation.

Hold the wand and draw the louvres to the side, twist the wand and tilt the louvres to the desired position for perfect shading.

Rigid self-aligning design of the travellers makes it almost impossible for the vanes to be knocked out of alignment, maintaining aesthetic appearance.

Control Rod:   Ø8.1mm aluminium alloy with a white powder paint finish

Handle and Connector:  Ø20mm x 77mm long handle is barium sulphate filled polypropylene.  The Ø11mm x 35mm long connector is acetal.

Wand Gearbox and Connectors:  The gearbox is a traveller body 41mm x 36mm x 16mm with a Ø9mm x 20mm long hook.  The 56mm x 49mm x 1.6mm connectors are acetal and provide a fixing hole for the gearbox and four variable length fittings for the traveller.

The travellers are connected by co-polymer moulded spacer links ensuring an overlap of each vertical vane of not less than 11mm and complete closure of the vanes.

The hanger, moulded in impact-modified nylon 6, incorporates a unique dual positioning.  This allows for any on-site adjustment to the height of the vanes to accommodate uneven or undulating sills.  This also ensures minimum gap between head rail and vanes.

The vanes are rotated by means of No. 8 nickel plated brass or plastic ball chain passing over the sprocket gear mouldings within the drive mechanism.

Traversing the blind is actioned by 2.2mm diameter reinforced polynylon cord passing through the control end cap and connecting to the leading traveller.  Tension is retained in the pull cord by an ABS moulded cord weight or a co-polymer moulded cord tidy, which can be recess mounted, holding the cord under tension without inhibiting operation.

When combined with the Vertika BioCote range of fabrics, the Vertika Impala system with BioCote provides an effective solution to the problems of solar glare and heat gain, and provides the privacy required in a healthcare environment.

Available in white head rail colour, the high contact areas of the product, i.e. the handle and wand, have BioCote content to prevent cross-contamination.

The body of the end cap is moulded in glass fibre filled Nylon 6 in a selection of colours to complement the head rails and, having no visible working parts, gives additional aesthetic appeal.

Rigid top fix and face fix brackets are available in epoxy-coated white and brown making them compatible with most contemporary décor.  A third option is a tempered spring steel top fix bracket for even speedier installation.

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