Styles of Curtains

Curtains selection can be as important a design feature as a building itself, they have the ability to bring together and co-ordinate the feel of any room or building. At Anderson Interiors we specialise in manufacturing high quality made to measure curtains of all types and styles.  We have access to a huge range of contract and domestic curtain fabrics and the experience and knowledge to fulfil any product requirements.  We regularly supply and install curtains to various contract environments including; hospitals, schools, nursing homes and halls of residences.  We can also supply supporting soft furnishing to match or co-ordinate with your curtains, such as cushions, valences, pelmets, bedspreads. 

Product Details

We can customise any pattern with several different styles, depending on your requirements.  There are various different styles of curtains that work in any environment.

Pencil Pleat
Pencil pleat is the simplest and most common means of adding fullness to a curtain.  The name is derived due to the style resembling a row of pencils laid side by side; it consists of tightly gathered folds that retain their shape by a cord being pulled on the heading tape.

Pinch Pleat
Pinch pleat is a more decorative heading which gives a consistent pleat to the body of the curtain.  Pinch pleats are more gathered than other headings and have permanent sewn-in pleats for a more lavish, tailored look.

Silent Gliss Wave®
Silent Gliss Wave® is a contemporary and stylish finish, gives a precise even ‘wave’ affect and reduces the depth of stack.  The Wave system must be used in conjunction with a Silent Gliss Wave compatible track.

Eyelet curtains are used with hand operation curtain poles only.  This style gives a uniform pleat and requires less space when stacked.  Eyelet curtains have come to define a more modern look in drapery.

Tab Top curtains are similar to eyelet only that the curtains hang from the pole on fabric loops.  It offer more styling options like the eyelet and offers a more contemporary look and feel to any environment, these are used with hand operation curtain poles only.

All curtains come with their own unique characteristics and advantages that suit different rooms and client requirements.

Pencil pleated curtains advantage is that the cord can be adjusted slightly to the width of the window and can be used with either curtain poles or tracks.

Pinch pleated curtains have the advantage that they are a more lavish look and feel than standard pencil pleated due to the manufacture of these having permanently sewn in pleats.

Silent Gliss Wave®
The advantages to the Wave curtain are that when completely closed or part open, the curtains offer a smooth and constant wave effect.  When the curtain is stacked back it takes up less space than pleated curtains and stacks back neatly.

Eyelet curtains have the distinct advantage that they can have various differing styles of eyelets and curtain poles and finials to match.  With the metal edged holes it allows for the ease of use with any curtain pole, they are also easier to put up and take down than.

Tab Top
Like the eyelet curtain tab top curtain can be used when you would also like to make a feature of the curtain pole and finials. In hospital areas where there is risk of abuse or harm, they have the advantage that they can be attached with Velcro.

Stage curtains are made using the most robust methods to allow the longest drops and heaviest weights whilst giving the aesthetically pleasing appearance required.  They are designed for a variety of specific purposes and come in several types.  These can be made from black or other dark colored, light-absorbing material, and heavyweight velour.

Cubicle curtains can be used for privacy screening, most commonly seen in hospitals and other healthcare environments, also widely used for room partitioning and shower room environments.  

Acoustic curtains have special fabrics and linings are used to enhance sound deadening within a room, such as a recording studio, or to keep outside noise to a minimum.

Insulating curtains are similar in many respects to acoustic curtains, whereby special fabrics and linings can be used to prevent unwanted heat exchange and prevent draughts.  In the energy management of any house or building these can provide an added advantage to reduce heat loss and contribute to a building becoming more environmentally friendly.

Disposable curtains have become a common sight in hospitals were speed and infection control is a key requirement.  We can provide a full range of disposable curtains for privacy screening, showers and windows.

Antimicrobial curtains are specially treated fabrics that give the added protection against the spread of bacteria and cross contamination.  By using curtains that develop an antibacterial effect, the transmission risk can be reduced significantly right from the beginning. These fabrics are available in the same colours and prints as standard curtains.

We have a core range of suppliers who can provide fabrics and linings to meet the requirement of any contract environment. 

Along with the more contract oriented ranges we also have sample books from some of the most prestigious high-end hospitality and domestic suppliers.

All our contract ranges come flame retardant to the relevant BS or EN standards.

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