Pleated Blinds

Sourced from Luxaflex and Masterblinds, our range of pleated blinds offers unrivalled versatility of function which makes these blinds an increasingly popular alternative to the more traditional window coverings.

Pleated blinds offer a modern unique and stylish solution to many problems. Whether it is for a strangely shaped window, a conservatory or a room that is prone to humidity, pleated blinds offer the perfect solution.

Product Details

Plisse – a single layer of pleated fabric, available in 20 or 32mm pleat width.

Duette – two joined layers of fabric create a ‘honeycomb’ cell structure, available in 25, 32 or 64mm pleat width.

Free hanging – the standard model, fixed only at the head rail with no guiding wires the fabric will only stack at the top. These are available in an extensive range of colours and there are various styling options, such as sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque fabrics.

Day & night – this is a two fabric system that are mounted and combined on the same blind.  The beauty of the system is that it combines two contrasting Plissé fabrics or even a Plissé with a Duette®.  What is achieved is a system that during the day you can enjoy the outside view through a highly transparent, light filtering fabric.  At night you simply switch over to a more opaque Plissé fabric which will eliminate light and ensure privacy.  These can be adjusted throughout the day to give varying levels of transparency and privacy.  With it combining Plissé fabrics or even a Plissé with a Duette® you are assured of many different styles and colours being available to suit any home or office buildings colour scheme.

Top-down/bottom-up – Plissé shades can operate from the top down, the bottom up, or in combination of the two.  This is achieved as they are mounted using tensioning wires and have neither a fixed head rail nor bottom rail.  This provides the most flexible way of positioning the blind fabric.  This style of blind is an ideal choice for private or street facing windows, or offices that require complete control over window glare.

Side-guiding – securing the blind fabric in this way means they can be fitted to doors, opening windows and angled roof lights. The side-guided option fixes the Plissé blind onto opening windows, doors and angled roof lights, this is also the ideal solution for your turn and tilt windows as well as for sliding or turning doors.  This allows more even more styling and decorative options that provide practicality as well as style and function.

These blinds can be made to suit almost any window shape and can be fitted at any angle of inclination; this makes them a natural choice for use in conservatories and sun rooms. 

The Duette version has a unique cell structure designed to provide an air pocket within the fabric which provides insulation against heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. 

Shaped variations – The makeup of this style of blind lends itself particularly well to be customised to suit and fit almost any window.  The application of this is particularly suited to cover sloped windows and conservatories.

They come with various control options for each different type of Pleated blind, such LiteRise®, SmartCord®, standard hand operated, cord, chain, crank and motorisation.  Each of these different control options brings with them their own unique set of advantages that will suit any environment.

The Luxaflex pleated blind come with many features and operational control that suit different environments and client needs.

The LiteRise® is a ‘safe by design’ product, with a control type that allows the user to position the blind by hand without the use of cords or tensioning wires, this style of pleated offers greater versatility and control.

The SmartCord® is a ‘safe by design’ product.  This style of pleated blind has a retractable pull cord that raises and lowers the blind with little effort but with all of the control.

The standard hand operated pleated blind is a ‘safe by design’ product.  These blinds are fitted with tensioned cables which hold the shade in the desired position.  These come with the added benefit that out of reach blinds can be controlled with the use of a telescopic wand.

Cord – If you prefer the more nature look and feel of a cord this is also available with different colours to match the colour of the fabric or pattern.  The blinds are simply raised and lowered using a standard cord lock mechanism, this control method comes with the added peace of mind that this can be made child safe by the correct installation of appropriate safety devices, which are available.

Chain – The traditional styling of a chain is available and can come in many different styles.  The chain system is a tried and tested system whereby the looped chain raises and lowers the blind.  This style of blind can again be made child safe by the correct installation of appropriate safety devices.

Crank – The crank system is a ‘safe by design’ product, which has child protection in mind as well as practicality and styling.  There are many variations of detachable crank available, the system works via a detachable crank rod that lowers and raises the fabric, this is seen as an alternative to hand/wand operation for out of reach blinds.

Motorisation – The motorisation system is by design the automation of a blind and is inherently a ‘safe by design’ product.  Available with a wide variety of control methods and configurations, that can be hardwired, radio remote controlled or linked to a building management or AV system.  There are sensors available to raise or lower the blinds based on the time, temperature or light levels within a building.  These systems are simple to operate but provide the user with total control over light, heat and privacy.

All of the pleated blind fabric types are available in a large range of colours and transparencies. 

There are also heat reflective and dust/dirt resistant finishes. 

The profile hardware can be supplied in a range of colours designed to coordinate with the fabric and cord colour.

All Pleated blinds can be made to any bespoke design and colour, with matching or alternating cords.

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