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There are various different Roof light systems that can complement a blind, or come bespoke to suit a particular architectural requirement.

The Roller blind system can be modified to fit the Roof lights with side-guide cables to slightly inclined windows, however, for most roof light applications it is necessary to provide a motorised tensioning system which can operate at any angle.

The Blackout blinds systems are similar to roller blinds but with the addition of cassette head boxes and side-guiding channels to entirely ‘trap’ the fabric and prevent any light from seeping into the room.  The blackout cassette system can also come motorised, providing you with the most elegant of movement and efficient use.

Pleated blinds – see also Pleated Blinds.  The most common use in conservatories but these can be used in any window shape and can be designed to suit and fit bespoke sizes. The Pleated blind system is an extremely versatile option for any other roof light applications.  They are available in a wide variety of shapes and can be fitted at any angle of inclination.

Sunshield – The Sunshield system is a non-retractable louvre system which can be used both internally and externally and can be shaped to fit almost any window.  They are created by using a series of fixed tilting mechanisms, each of these tilt racks is comprised of a vertical bar to which is attached a series of slat retainers at pre-spaced intervals, that are connected to a tilt rod.

Fabric folding systems –these are made up of panels of soft fabric which create a roman blind style effect.  These systems can cover large expanses and the channels they run in can be bent or arched to follow the contours of a window, these are light weight, strong and very durable. The panels are covered in loop nylon fabric available in a wide choice of colours and edged with a tuff PVC trim.

All roof light blinds come with the inherent ability to provide a solution to reduce the amount of heat as well as sunlight, to aid in cooling abuilding and working with the environmental management system of a building. 

Each different system will also have unique properties and advantages depending on the requirements and environment.

Roller blind are the least expensive option available and can blend well with the rest of the blinds in operation.  They provide a tried system and use all of the strengths of the roller blind system but for a roof light application. The side-guided cables keep the material in place and at the right tension levels.

Black out blinds come with all the advantages of the roller blind but with the added benefit of a total black out effect when required. When used with a cassette style they present a more stylish effect to the blind and can more character and styling to the roof opening.

Pleated window blinds come with all of the advantages of a standard pleated blind, that they can be designed to suit and fit any window and at any angle or inclination.  They come with the advantages that there are various options with regard to the operation. see also Pleated Blinds

Sunshield blinds come with the advantage is that they can cover the required full width of roof glazing, thus creating the effect of having just one single blind covering the whole of one elevation of glazing.  It is also possible to finish each tilt rack at a different length, making it is possible to create the perfect adjustable sunshade required for triangular and sloping roof windows. 

Fabric folding systems come with the advantage that they can be manufactured to a custom colour and configuration to match any environment.  There are many different colours, side trims and styles available plus all folding panel systems are made to the highest quality of manufacture and fabric and componentry making them an ideal choice for a large expanse.

Most roof lights by nature of design are in hard to reach locations and very often they will be completely inaccessible by hand.

With most roof light blind systems motorisation is not just a desirable control option but a necessity in many cases.  There are other options available for more easily accessed and just out of reach blinds.

Crank operation is a viable option, this can help keep costs down and simplify installation, with the advantage that they can be detached from the blinds and stored out of the way.

With the Sunshield blind, the fixed tilt racks remain permanently in position, meaning that these Sunshield Venetians are therefore non-retractable. 

When this tilt rod is turned, which can be done either by using a simple in-line gearbox with a detachable crank handle, or by using a remote controlled electric motor, every one of the slat retainers will then tilt in unison.

With all roof light blinds there are various colours, styles, patterns, materials and trims to choose from.

The roller blind system & blackout can be adapted to have any colour, pattern, style of finish that is available to a standard roller blind system.

They can also come with numerous styles of cassette, side channel and bottom bar systems that can be powdered coated to any RAL colour code.

Pleated blinds can come in a variety of colours and styles, due to the nature of the product this can be designed bespoke to size, colour, style, pattern and trim.

Various colours and styles of aluminium or wooden slat can be selected, depending on the environment both are well suited and work equally well.

Aluminium can come in a variety of finishes and colours and can be more suited to an office style/gallery environment, were a more clinical style is required

There are a variety of colours, side trims and styles available for fabric folding systems, plus they come with the advantage that they can be manufactured to a custom colour configuration to match any environment.

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