The QMotion UK shade solution offers a unique and sophisticated automated and manual control system. Using patented technology QMotion provides a dual control feature that allows the user to operate the shade electronically and manually, bringing a new level of convenience to shade controls, offering a fully functional, quiet, motorised roller system that is entirely wireless.

QMotion allows users to close or lower their shades at a touch of a button. Our products have clean, crisp aesthetics, are wire free and are used for a variety of solar and blackout applications.

QMotion offers industry leading battery life, up to 5 years with on average 4 daily movement changes. In addition, a hard wired (low voltage) power supply is available.

Product Details

QMotion is battery powered and can be remote controlled, so there are no wires to install or complicated building works.

Easy Battery Replacement – By placing the access port for the batteries in the shade tube wall, you can now change the batteries without having to remove the shade from the brackets. The battery life is up to 5 years, depending on shade size and usage.

Easy Fabric Removal and Installation – An easy fit spline is attached to the fabric and can be pulled off and snapped on to the shade tube. The spline that attaches the shade to the tube permits the roller shade to be easily removed for cleaning, maintaining and sanitising or replacement of the fabric altogether. Demounting the tubes or brackets for cleaning is unnecessary.

QMotion can interface with building automation systems for conference rooms, training rooms and complete buildings.

The user has the ability to install a fully functional, quiet, motorised roller system that is entirely wireless.

The roller shade can be operated via remote control or by smart phone or tablet using the QMotion app. The user can remotely operate their shades individually or simultaneously, by room, by elevation and by floor.

Control options include a timer remote function that allows the user up to six events per day that move the shades automatically for sunset and sunrise in addition to four chronological settings. The user can therefore be assured that whilst they are away from their home the shades will continue to operate, providing glare and heat gain control whilst at the same time offering a level of privacy and security.

With unique inbuilt technology, the QMotion UK shade also provides a dual control feature that allows the user to operate the shade manually. By simply tugging the bottom bar you can lower the shade or send the shade back up to either its last pre-set position or to a fully raised position, bringing a new level of convenience to shade controls.

Power for the shade is provided by standard readily available alkaline D cell batteries. Due to the special counter balancing springs installed within the Roller tube itself the batteries provide up to 5 years usage based on an average 4 daily fully raise/fully lower movement changes.

Easy Battery Replacement – By placing the access port for the readily available alkaline D cell batteries in the shade tube wall, you can now change the batteries without having to remove the shade from the brackets.

QMotion UK motors are almost silent, ensuring that when the shades are operated, that there will be virtually no motor noise that will interrupt or disturb the ambient noise in the room or area to which the shades or blinds are installed. This leaves the user with a pleasant experience when operating the shades and therefore no unnecessary attention is drawn to the window due to excessive motor noise.

100% Wireless

QMotion is battery powered and can be remote controlled, so there are no wires to install or complicated building works. With no power wires or control wires required at all, the user can install a fully motorised and intelligently controlled shading system without the need for using any electricians. 

For the first time there really is a system by which you can use motorised shades without the need for chasing out walls or installing unsightly surface mounted conduits to hide the wiring.

Remote Control

The QMotion multi-function remote control allows you to control one or multiple blinds at once.
QMotion UK Remote Controls are offered in standard white finish and are designed for easy set up and operation. We offer two types that can either operate a single shade or if more than one shade is installed a multi control remote can be used. Other remote control accessories that can be purchased are easy install flush mounted plates, which can be fixed to your walls and will hold the remote you have selected by magnet to the flush mounted plate.

IPhone / Android App

QMotion UK can offer an app for both smart phone and or tablet which can be downloaded in either IOS or android formats. For the app to work and recognise the fact that QMotion UK shades have been installed, the user needs to install a Qsync into their Wi-Fi router. 

Once the QMotion app of choice is downloaded all the shades can then be addressed individually and if required grouped together, therefore providing an excellent and easy to use platform in which the shades can be operated.

Easy set-up

Once your brackets are installed to your intended fixing points, and you have located the blind into the brackets. QMotion UK blinds are really are easy to set up. By following the instructions contained with every blind the ‘SET’ will take no longer than a few minutes, and you will have your shade working and fully operational. And yes we even install the batteries within the tube just to make the time from out of the box to operation just that little bit shorter.

5 Year Batteries

QMotion Shades come complete with pre-installed readily available standard Alkaline D cell batteries. The battery life is dependent on the size of the shade and the amount of operations carried out on a daily basis. However based on a standard sized shade and alongside our fully vetted testing procedures we would suggest that it will work for up to 5 years without the need for replacing batteries based on 4 fully up/down operations per day.

There is a vast array of performance fabrics and materials available for the QMotion blinds, with many differing styles, finishes and colours to choose from. 

QMotion fabric selection has been sourced predominantly from suppliers in the UK and Europe enabling us to provide a high quality design based fabrics in an array of colours and textures to suit all tastes and requirements.

QMotion UK will send a Qsample piece of fabric to the end user at their address to enable them to make the necessary comparisons for light and function when selecting their fabric. 

We are also able to offer custom printed fabrics which are an ideal solution for showing off that great holiday photo in the home or for promoting or displaying an important image in a commercial environment. 

With integrated systems allowing for easy control and operation of QMotion blinds.

Qconnect for Home or Building Automations Systems

most of the leading integration partners already providing drivers for QMotion it’s really easy, after ‘LEARNING’ your shades to the Qconnect. Plug it into your preferred method of operating system at the rear of the box which offers either dry contact, RS232 or RS485 protocols. Qconnect includes its own battery therefore allowing the integrator the ability to unplug and ‘LEARN’ more shades on new channels if the user requires this. Qconnect really is a one stop box leaving providing a simple solution to control your QMotion shading system via a third party interface.

Qsync for Properties where there is no Home or Building Automation System

The user can plug the Qsync via the Ethernet supplied cable into a spare LAN port at the back of their existing Wi-Fi Router. The user can then download the QMotion app on their smart phone or tablet to find the applicable Wi-Fi network. Once the network is found it is possible to address all the shades to operate them either individually by room, by group, by elevation or indeed by all. This is an excellent format by which a user without a home automation system can operate their shades.


With Qrelay, you can be assured that your control is complete, even in areas or sites where reception may not be the best.  Just add Qrelay to ensure that a signal reaches your QMotion shades, wherever they are located:
Use as many as you need; Unique design code technology ensures no cross interference between devices.

Two modes of operation to suit your preferences.

Zone specific mode allows two different remotes to be learned to the repeater.

Echo mode repeats all valid QMotion remote commands.

Plugin wherever you have an 240V outlet, or into a properly powered USB port.

Qrelay extends the capability of QMotion UK shades by assisting signal transmission and reception when needed and is compatible with all QMotion transmitters.

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