Track Systems

We manufacture a comprehensive range of curtain track systems to suit the requirements of the contracts’ specification and high-end domestic markets. Most of our systems can be pre-formed to suit any shape of expanse or window.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is second to none within this specialised field.

We have the expertise to site survey and advise any client on the most appropriate track system, based on the client’s requirements.

They provide total flexibility, as they can be lowered and raised while the slats can be tilted to create an optimal environment. They come in a variety of styles and colours to suit a wide range of interior finishes, with the ability to reduce indoor temperatures whilst optimising natural daylight.

Our venetian blinds are made with the highest quality components to give long lasting performance and high levels of durability.

We can supply the full ranges of venetian blinds from Luxaflex, Silent Gliss, Shy, Decora and many more.

Anderson Interiors can provide the expertise to clients to select heat and light control systems for any room or building.  This is coupled with design features to ensure it will enhance the building and at the same time providing sun protection.

Product Details

Contract / High-end Domestic

Our contract and high-end domestic tracks are predominately sourced from the Silent Gliss ranges, with our heavy stage tracks being supplied by Hall Stage.  Both these suppliers have a proven track record and a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability.

We are approved distributors for the Silent Gliss 6100, 6103 and 6650 cubicle tracks systems which are commonly used in healthcare facilities throughout Northern Ireland (see also Healthcare).  We can supply these tracks pre-formed to suit almost any room partitioning layout.

Stage Tracks

Hall Stage curtain tracks are available with walk along, hand line, winch or motorised operation. 

The tracks can be supplied in many different configurations and shapes to suit the requirements of any stage. 

We can also supply barrel grids to support the tracks where there is no suitable structure to do so. 

These tracks are also used in other situations where large or heavyweight curtains are being used, such as room partitioning.


In addition to the curtain tracks we manufacture we can supply tracks and poles from suppliers such as Regency, Integra, Sunflex and Swish.

The Silent Gliss Metropole and Metroflat ranges of decorative curtain tracks have been specially developed to provide the appearance of a high quality curtain pole but with the advantages of a track system.

There are thirteen stock colours available and a wide range of traditional and contemporary finials, midials and holdbacks.

These tracks are available with the option of using the Silent Gliss Wave® glider-cord system.

There are a wide range of colours, traditional and contemporary finials, midials and holdbacks.

Our curtain track systems can come with many different styles of operation to suit every clients requirements, whether this is by hand, cord or motorised operation.

The Hand operated curtain track is the most frequently used in a hospital environment and is a ‘safe by design’ product.  It is predominately used when the tracks are easily reached and with access along their entire length.  It is also possible for these tracks to be operated using draw rods.

The Cord operated curtain track is commonly used for out of reach or hard to access tracks.  These tracks can be made child safe when correctly manufactured and installed with an appropriate cord tensioner.

The Motorised curtain track is the highest quality alternative – The motorisation system is by design an inherently ‘safe by design’ product. It is available with a wide variety of control methods and configurations, that can be hardwired, radio remote controlled or linked to a building management or AV system.

There are sensors available to open or close the curtains based on the time, temperature or light levels within a building.  These systems are simple to operate but provide the user with total control over light, heat and privacy.

Our contract and domestic track systems are all made from extruded aluminium alloy, providing excellent rigidity and strength, these are manufactured to the highest of quality standards are tested to withstand certain levels of stress depending on the system chosen. 

They are available in a variety of finishes, with most systems supplied in high finish anodised aluminium or white polyester powder coated finish as standard. 

We have the flexibility to offer a wider range of stock colours and all the systems can be polyester powder coated to any RAL or BS colour.