Roller Blinds

Anderson Interiors manufacture, supply and install an extensive range of made-to-measure roller blind systems.

Our range of roller shading products has been developed over the years to provide a solution for many diverse applications.  Whether you require the durability necessary in a school, hospital, office environment or an elegant modern finish for a home, we can specify, manufacture and install a roller blind to suit your needs.

We have many systems that can be tailored to different needs and sizes of windows.  We have specific roller blinds that can cover the largest of windows or side-by-side blinds that can cover two windows and operate from a single operation.

All componentry is subject to the highest of quality standards and have been designed to be durable but still be aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to the roller blinds we manufacture we can supply the full ranges from Luxaflex, Silent Gliss, Shy, Yewdale, Umbra and many more.

Product Details

Our standard systems that we manufacture are the Defiant R20/R40 range and a variety of Silent gliss roller blinds.

All are made with a heavy aluminium barrel, control units (geared and ungeared).  Each system is specifically designed for differing operations and can be supplied with various chain, control units, barrel sizes, bottom bars and mounting system.

They come from a variety of different manufacturers for different window expanses and different weigh limitations.

We use the highest quality system componentry, barrel widths and mounting operation.

We also use the full range of Silent Gliss systems and manufacture many of these on site.

The operation of the roller blind can be varied and our roller systems can be supplied with spring, chain, and crank or motorised operation.

All roller blinds come with the advantage that they can be customised to any environment and can have multiple element’s changed to enhance the appearance and operation of the blind.

The operation of the roller blind is key to the practicality when selecting a roller blind and each come with their own unique advantages.

The Chain system is the most common control method for our roller blinds; it combines simplicity of operation with a neat appearance.  The chain can come in several different styles to enhance and co-ordinate with the fabric, head rail or bottom bar chosen, making it stand out and become a feature in any environment.  It also comes with the reassurance that it is durable and performs a smooth operation to operate the blind effectively, with the knowledge that it can be made child safe by the correct installation of a chain tensioning pulley.

The Spring operation is a ‘safe by design’ product and is commonly used to comply with the new child safety legislation or in healthcare facilities where the risk of self-harm needs to be reduced.  The beauty about this style of operation is that there no visible chains and it is so simple to use, which presents a modern style to the blind.

The Crank operated roller blind is a ‘safe by design’ product, that can be used when child safety or self-harm reduction is a concern.  The crank also adds a level of sophistication and control to the operation of the blind.  The crank shafts can come in many different finishes that adds style and elegance to the blind.  One of the practical uses of the crank operation is for use on larger windows that chain operated blinds could not cope with the weight.  It is available with fixed or detachable crank rods, adding to the style and safety of this type of operation on the blind.

Motorisation – The motorisation system is by design the automation of a blind and is inherently a ‘safe by design’ product.  It is available with a wide variety of control methods and configurations, that can be hardwired, radio remote controlled or linked to a building management or AV system.  There are sensors available to raise or lower the blinds based on the time, temperature or light levels within a building.  These systems are simple to operate but provide the user with total control over light, heat and privacy.

The chain system is the most commonly used roller blind, but can come with different types of chain, that can add greater functionality to the blind.  A metal chain can take greater stress levels and can help make the roller blind function smoother when used with the correct gearing system.  The chain simply lifts and drops the blind by moving it up or down, it turns through a gear mechanism at the top that is hidden at the end of the blind and attached to the barrel.

The Spring operated blind is unique in that it has no visible chains, but is pulled up and down by pulling the bottom of the roller blind.  There are various additions that can be made, such as pulleys attached to the bottom of the blind.  The operation of the spring is held within the housing of the roller and is a spring release that is simple and efficient to use.

The crank operated roller blind is attached to the gearbox and controls the draw function of the blind.  The crank can come detachable to add to the practicality of application and can come in various styles of durability and stress.

The motorised system is available with a wide variety of control methods and configurations, that can be hardwired, radio remote controlled or linked to a building management or AV system.  There are sensors available to raise or lower the blinds based on the time, temperature or light levels within a building.  These systems are simple to operate but provide the user with total control over light, heat and privacy.

Our roller blinds can come in a variety of styles and with an ever increasing range of colours, fabrics and styles to suit any environment; they also have the benefit of allowing for various options to be added for styling and practicality.

There are many various mounting options that we can use depending on the type of roller blind chosen.  This allows for greater control with regards to the mounting of the blind, which allows for them to blend more naturally into their surroundings.  Our roller blinds can be supplied with two main styles of head box to conceal the roller barrel and operating mechanism. 

Each type is available in a range of finishes and colours.

Cassette; a complete box to entirely envelop the barrel and mechanism with a slot through which the fabric can raise and lower.

Fascia; a discrete panel covering the front of the roller only.

Our range of bottom finishes includes:
Stitched or welded hems with concealed weighting bars;
Exposed aluminium bottom bars, available in a variety of colours;
Decorative shaped hems or trims.

Side guide wires secured at the top and bottom of each side of the blind and connected to the bottom bar prevent the fabric from flapping about in draughty areas, particularly useful on or around doors.

Side guide frames can be coupled with a cassette head box to provide complete light trapping round the sides of the blind fabric; this can be used with any of our fabrics but is most commonly seen when used with an opaque fabric to make a blackout blind.

There are vast arrays of performance fabrics available to suit any environment, which comes in all colours and patterns and styles.  We can help you select a fabric to suit your requirements, no matter the size and scale of the project. 

All our contract fabric ranges are flame retardant to the required BS or EN standards.

Screen fabrics with varying levels of openness to allow a view outside while reducing glare and solar gain to provide a comfortable environment for occupants.

Opaque fabrics to block all direct sunlight where high levels of shading are required, see also blackout blinds.

Anti-microbial fabrics for areas where infection control and cross contamination is a concern or areas which experience high levels of humidity.  Available as blackout or dim-out.

Dim-out fabrics which will filter the sunlight and maintain privacy.

Patterned fabrics come in a huge range of colours and designs to suit any décor.

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