SHY® is the commercial roller blind specialist in the UK, with over 15 years of experience supplying quality manual and electric roller blinds.

They supply three roller blind ranges, ZIP®, Obscura and Sunfacta, which provide different technical solutions and great versatility for varying applications. Each range can utilise one of the hundreds of different roller blind fabrics to ensure compliance with the client’s aesthetic and light control requirements.

Each range comes with a variety of different control and automation options, enabling them to provide roller blinds various shapes and sizes, with manual or electric control; fully or partly automated.
Listed below is an overview of the SHY® ZIP® blinds’, for more detailed information on this and the Obscura or Sunfacta range and specifications click on our database sheet below.

Listed below is an overview of the SHY® ZIP® blinds’, for more detailed information on this and the Obscura or Sunfacta range and specifications click on our database sheet below and sign in to our resource library.

Product Details

SHY® ZIP® blinds’ offer excellent light seal, as the side guides trap cloth in the side channels. The optional bottom channel receives the hem bar with brush strip, which reduces light ingress around the base of the blind. The cassette head box, with fitting possibilities though the box itself also minimises light gaps around the head of the blind.

Multiple applications
Dim-out, shading, light control, heat control, insect screens, room dividers, business presentation & home cinema screens.

With all SHY® ZIP® blinds, the hem bar of the blind is permanently fixed to the fabric and a brush strip prevents light ingress when the blind runs into the optional bottom channel.
SHY® supplies ZIP® blinds for beautiful roof light screens to suit almost any size of roof light

With SHY® ZIP®’s fully cassetted system air is trapped between the glazing and the blind fabric providing additional insulation. In fact the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) guidance on the thermal resistance of blinds states that a fully cassetted blind with a low emissivity fabric is 8.8 times more effective that a standard roller blind.

With the blind fully lowered, the air trapped between the glazing and blind fabric helps to reduce noise in a similar way to double glazing.

The robust SHY® ZIP® guides prevent the cloth from pulling or blowing out of the side channels, even when fitted externally.

Maintenance access (for all but the smallest, 65mm square head box) is via an easily removed front cover on the head box. This can be removed for maintenance while the blind is in position.

SHY® ZIP® blinds are all made to measure and, with sizes up to 49m2, most requirements can be covered. By choosing the appropriate blind fabric either shading, dim-out or blackout can be achieved – and with our ‘twin blind’ system even greater control over light levels can be achieved.

ZIP® blinds can be installed on vertical windows, sloping windows, tilting windows, roof lights and atria, shaped glazing and even curved areas such as glazed domes, cupolas or barrel vaulted roofs. ZIP® blinds can even pull sideways or upwards (lifting).

ZIP® blinds can be operated by hand, side chain mechanism, crank (gearbox), or motorised and operated electrically. 
A neat, endless ball-chain moves the blind smoothly to where the user needs it. For larger blinds, heavy-duty side chains are fitted.

Pulling the cord pulls down the ZIP® blind and the cord is then tied off on a cleat. When released, the blind retracts under spring control.

The gearbox allows you to raise or lower your ZIP® blackout blind by turning of a handle. The handle can remain with the blind – or it can be detached (as shown here). A detachable handle can be particular useful for situations – such as classrooms – where there is a need to limit access to the blind’s operating mechanism.

They can be supplied with SHY’s own remote AV system or building management system.  

Electric motors are invaluable for controlling SHY® ZIP® electric blinds individually or together – and particularly useful where an installation comprises a number of matching blinds.

There are numerous control options available. ZIP® electric blinds can be operated by a radio-control handset or a hard-wired wall switch; alternatively they can be managed via home automation, BMS (Building Management System) or relay. A single handset can be used to control 1, 4 or 16 groups of blinds for larger installations and additional functionality also allows automation.

With a compact head box which contains the cloth cassette and operating mechanism plus slim, aluminium side and bottom channels, SHY® ZIP® blinds can provide an attractive complement to the surrounding decor.

The aluminium hardware can be anodised or powder coated to any RAL/BS colour.

With the box and side channels, the standard colours are white (RAL 9910) and black (RAL 9005) 60% gloss.

Natural anodised is also possible on some ranges as standard and others depending on quantity.

However, we are able to paint these to almost any colour from the RAL colour range.

Other plastic parts/components are either white black or grey and chosen by us to complement the paint colour chosen.

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