Venetian Blinds

They provide total flexibility, as they can be lowered and raised while the slats can be tilted to create an optimal environment. 

They come in a variety of styles and colours to suit a wide range of interior finishes, with the ability to reduce indoor temperatures whilst optimising natural daylight. 

Our venetian blinds are made with the highest quality components to give long lasting performance and high levels of durability.

We can supply the full ranges of venetian blinds from Luxaflex, Silent Gliss, Shy, Sunway and many more. 

Anderson Interiors can provide the expertise to clients to select heat and light control systems for any room or building.  This is coupled with design features to ensure it will enhance the building and at the same time providing sun protection.

Product Details

Our Venetian systems are made to withstand the practical contract market and to add a level of elegance to any window opening in a private dwelling.

Our venetian blind systems can come in a variety of different widths and materials and have the practicality to use varying operating method’s, such as cord & wand, mono-chain or motorised operation.


Our Aluminium venetian blinds can come in many colours and styles, with different slat widths of 16/25/35/50/70mm being the most common. 

The slats are spring-tempered for enhanced durability and the baked enamel finish provides protection against abrasion, peeling, discolouration and corrosion. 

This guarantee’s an attractive appearance whilst maintains a longer life. 

There are many colours and finishes available that provide different levels of comfort, style and functionality.


Our wooden venetian blinds come with varying slat widths of 25/35/50/68mm.

These can come with a natural wood finishes or painted wood slats available for each size of slat, which creates a naturally elegant scheme.   

There are many different effects for wooden blinds, such as high gloss, designer woods with a special painted finish to wooden blinds that feature the characteristics of different types of wood. 

There are a wide range of wood finishes and painted wood slats available for each size of slat.

Both our aluminium and wooden venetians come with differing control options; the Cord & wand, Mono-chain, Crank and motorisation.

Cord & wand – the most common control method for our 25mm aluminium slat venetians.  A strong polyester cord controls the raising and lowering of the slats and the wand controls the tilt function.  These controls can be made child safe when correctly manufactured and installed with appropriate cord cleats.

Mono-chain – an endless chain operates both the raise, lower and tilts functions.  This option is particularly useful when hanging cords on standard venetian blinds prove to be impractical.  These controls can be made child safe when correctly manufactured and installed with appropriate cord cleats.

Crank – a ‘safe by design’ product.  The crank handle can either be permanently fixed to the blind or made detachable to prevent unauthorised use of the blind.  This blind system is also ideal for pre-school environments, or any other area where young children may be present as there are no cords or chains.  These have become increasingly popular when child safety or self-harm reduction is a concern.

Motorisation – a ‘safe by design’ product.  Available with a wide variety of control methods and configurations, they can be hardwired, radio remote controlled or linked to a building management or AV system. 

There are sensors available to raise or lower the blinds based on the temperature or light levels within a building or room.  Which provides the building with maximum control over temperature and light levels varying throughout any given day, the application of sensor systems are proven to increase the comfort levels of individual’s throughout the day. 

They will automatically reduce natural daylight and temperature to comfortable levels, plus provide an environmentally friendly building. 

At Anderson Interiors we have worked with these systems for the past twenty years and have increased our product knowledge and range as new innovations have come to market, our knowledge and expertise in this field is what sets us apart. 

There are many advantages to choosing differing styles of Venetian and the operation of these.


Due to the nature of the material and with it being spring tempered, the durability of Aluminium venetian blinds in a commercial environment is always a key consideration. 

These can work with an environmental management system that can be controlled to ensure the optimum heat and light into any environment.


Wood venetians can come with various personalised options, such as aluminium head rails, stylish head rails with the operation in view, with decorative flat weave tape that can co-ordinate with the choice of wood or room they are situated in. 

Motorization of wood venetians through a remote control or wall switch is also an enhancement that is becoming increasing popular, this eliminates the need for operating cords which enhances user experience and comfort. It is also an improved child safety system.  

All wood products are sourced from suppliers with a recognised forest management accreditation, such as FSA or PEFC.  FSC is an international non-profit making organisation, whose membership includes environmental groups, social groups, progressive forestry companies and wood retail companies working in partnership to improve forest management worldwide.

The difference in operation is a key factor when choosing any venetian blind.

There are various options to choose when selecting the right Venetian blind;

Side-guiding wires are particularly useful when the venetian blind is being fitted to, or beside, a door or window.  The guiding cables allow the full range of motion of the blind and prevent it from flapping around when the door or window is opened.

Privacy venetian blinds have cord holes that are punched off-centre to prevent any view through the slats when they are lowered and tilted closed; these come in 25mm slat only. The controlling mechanisms of these privacy blinds are constructed from quality components to ensure the smooth and durable operation of the pull cords used to lift and lower the blind manually.

A vast array of finishes are available for both aluminium and wooden venetians, including many colours and styles of venetian blinds to choose from, as well as varying cord and tape colours, even the headrail and bottom rail can be powder coated to a specific RAL colour code.

Product Datasheets

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